Friday, May 4, 2012

WIP minis for our Proximo Hive game

Enough words, let's see some lead, well partly painted that is...

We're going to play a game, even a short campaign, using some of our old 40k minis and build new ones (cause it's all part of the fun!). Haven't decided on the system yet, nor have we starting building terrain, but a first encounter game is brewing in my mind.

I've starting building a small Daemon Hunter band:

Some underhive scum:

And Iacobi the Seer:

Can see the pics aren't the best. I'll try to take some better ones soon... And get the minis finished :)

Thanks for looking!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Maw and Iacobi the Seer

In the nether regions of Proximo Hive near the Eastern Entrance there's a particulary eerie place called the Maw. It was a hidden smugglers den an entrance to the outlying wastes with direct passage thru old gas pipes and rundown factory complexes, but this place has been forgotten even by the underhive gangs. This place is known as the Maw and is now haunted by evil ghosts from the ash wastes, or so it is believed.

The stories of the Starchild has been told all over the hive, by everyone high and low, from the Spyre to the Pit, although no one remember where the stories originated. "Children's stories", people said, "fables of olde time". So who best knew the tales of olde? One seer, also long forgotten and known to wander the most desolate regions of the underhive, would certainly know, people said. Iacobi was his name. He was long dead, people said, others claimed they saw him just the other day. Some said he was a ghost. Until the spyrers hired the best ratskins money, women and booze could afford. And the ratskins did find him alright, well traces of him ... traces led into the Maw.

 "The idea alone is daft and risqué, well more than that. It's certain death! Hah!", responded the Govenor in his usual obulente fashion, waving his arms around in an imitated theatrical manner. But he made certain that the word surged thru Proximo' social layers. The Guvenor would pay handsomely for the presence of Iacobi the Seer. All there was now to wait. For Proximo's underworld to work it's wonderful magic and rely on the hard work and the greed of the gangs, travelling pirate adventurers and bounty hunters, well hunters of all sorts...