Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Game of Epic Proportion!

Ahhhh half a year later and I'm ready with my second post this year :D

Some of my annual goals have been met. I've been playing on a regular basis with our monthly Blood Bowl league running and started out with 3 wins but progress stalled and after two defeats in a row I'm poised to challenge from 3 place for the title as the year draws to a close.

Got a couple of Necromunda games in as well, still a fun game after all these years but the campaign advancements quickly goes outta hand.

And then - I've signed up for an Epic Armageddon tournament here in Copenhagen in the beginning of October and I'm well excited after a test game (first in two+ years) last week.

I've dusted off my old Eldar army and have a sound list painted up but will have to paint up some additions in the next weeks time.

As for the game, Christian aka Krigsminister (Minister of War) happily played the part of the evil Imperial oppressors, trying to kick my peaceloving space hippies off their arid dried up raisin of a planet they call home. Now pictures!

A Guardian Warhost occupy a rock formation, beefed up and ready to rumble!

Posing for the camera!

A troupe of Falcons inflicts 8 straight hits on a lurking Warhound, who scuffled back and hides under a rock.

Eldar artillery at the ready!

More barrage points!

The SM Commander formation takes a pounding.

They brought their friends along!

Through the mesas and spike trees, the SM front line can be seen advancing.

Brave Windriders engage a lonely Devastor squad, making sure to stay well outta arms reach of the nearby tactical and assault marines.

The marines cut down one of the Guardian hosts, leaving the other to watch their brethen fall before them.

Opposite view.

From Krigsminister's perspective as the Avatar gets summoned and swiftly gets his mojo on.

Avatar and friends having a good day at the office.

Minor casualties as the Spear of Khaine wipes an entire Tactical formation.

And I didn't really take more pictures but Christian pulled through a narrow 2-1 victory on objectives. We forgot tons of things, mainly playing stuff in a wrong way so a lot of time was spent re-reading rules etc. but it was all good fun and well worth, especially considering we are going to play 5 games in two days in a short while.

I hope you enjoyed the photos! I will try and post more the coming weeks as I prepare for the tournament. I should be able to get at least one more game in before crunch time.

Until then, thanks for looking!!!

OIII Stop the press!!! I did manage to paint a few minis during my blogging hiatus. Here you are - these are mainly test pieces for using Tamiya Clear on a Zenithal undercoat. Works the charm if you are to paint block of heavy armour for example:

Monday, March 2, 2015

Ah new winds aflowing in 2015

Hi all,

I managed to begin a new job and work my butt off, move twice and at last into a home we own since my last update BUT I did also manage to paint a few minis, which will feature in this update :)

Since it is the first update in the new year it would be prudent to make a small recap of my hobby 2014.

I managed to paint some 30+ minis including my Dark Elf Blood Bowl team, I joined and participated in a local BB league on a regular basis, got some Malifaux games under my belt as well as a 2vs2 Epic Armageddon game and a single RoC game and attended a single convention so all in all not the most fruiticious of years but a nice little year spent.

None the less, I'd like to paint more, play more and attend more cons so my hobby goal of 2015 is to:
  • Paint more minis than last year! With 10+ models already done I'm well under way :)
  • Paint up 1 BB team (at least) and two crews for another games system.
  • Play more games - joining the local Necromunda league is a bloody good start :)
  • Attend at least two cons. Should be possible if our local club con gets going, just one more to go then.
  • Make my own participation game for our local club con. I've already started on this.
  • Do a crazy project - like painting an army!! This is the dream at least :D
Ah all the dreams and hope of a young lad, let's hope I complete half the goals it would be a great success!

And with no further ado, the minis I've painted so far in 2015.

First off the block was these chaps, which I'm gonna in my participation game, set in a very near future, somewhat post-apocalyptic inspired by Hermann's Jeremiah comic series crossed with old GW reject Dark Future and 90's computer game It came from the desert. These fellas are hired guns from a secluded cooperative out to secure vital and valuable minerals - by any means necessary :)

The hobgob archer is actually not a newly painted mini but he was finished this year. I began painting him some years back but got stuck and finally decided to give the last onceover and call it done.

Same goes for these bad boyos - 5 evul dvargrs to use well in almost any setting possible. They've been sitting in my paint queue for quite some time but I've decided to finish some if not all of these half done paintjobs. I might go back and touch up some details like verdigris on shields and add a bit of flock and lichen to the bases but I quite like how they came out.

Last week, I sat down and knocked these two chavs out, aptly named Robbo the Loon and Yarb Tittimus the 3rd. They are gangers in my brat gang, the Iaco Spire Yob Knobs, to kill and die for loot in our new Necromunda campaign at the local club, Rogue Trader. They are actually test muppets as I'm not too familiar with painting bright colours but I've decided to press on rather than keep mending, washing and shading - so these two are DONE!

Next in line is Iacomo Yobbo with his hand on the pump and wearer of purple pants!

Well that's it for this time 'round. Hope you've enjoyed the pictures. I have my first gang fight tomorrow so prepare for a wee report sometime in the not so distant future. My aim is to blog twice a month but I'm already slagging. I do however enjoy painting minis more and have made a fairly decent start to the year so expect more (also we are planning a deskspace, an actually fekkin' desk, where I can paint and cut and glue and sculpt, yes I've also decided to learn how to sculpt ha ha ha no seriously!

Thank fer looking and have a good one until next yea time :)


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Oi a paint challenge!!!

So I've in all secrecy accepted this challenge, hoping I can manage to paint 5 of this lot.

All of them will feature in my "It came from the desert" game that I plan to run as a participation game at a convention here in Copenhagen this coming Spring.

For colour inspiration, well Dark Future the board game springs to mind, as do Mad Max, but also comics like Jeremiah by Hermann Huppen and Giraud's Blue Berry - so I will try and go for a dusty and worn look on the bikers etc. and a colder more sleak look on the drivers, police and militia guys.

The train in the back drop is not part of the challenge - at this point.

Until later, have a good one!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Realm of Chaos revisited!

So me and my fellow oldhammerer Lazar of the Young Lead blog had ourselves a quick lunch break game of Realm of Chaos.

We cut the rolling of warbands short and simply choose from whatever was painted and what we felt like fielding. Then we decided both champions were lvl 10 sorcerers and drew 2 spells from all the decks of the 4th ed. Battle Magic set, oddly enough there were no chaos spells (it's a set we borrowed), but hey ho what'd ya know it worked anyhow.

We played using the Rogue Trader reference sheet, the Warhammer Armies book and the RoC books for troops stats and it worked okay. The actual gaming however was tedious - skirmish games have come a long way since the Golden Days so we kinda agreed that if this dream of playing a narrative ever had to come to life, we will have to find a more dynamic system for the game play and perhaps also for creating the warbands/or let a GM decide rather than randomly roll everything single upgrade, item, gift, mutation, etc. - which was fun, but balls out also time consuming if not a real death blow to any gaming night that is set to last 3-5 hours including playing a game :D

Now on to the onslaught!

Hazmat Mutilatore and his band of unmerry men are shocked to see their bitter rival, Obediah Ruffhouse and his bunch of miscreants teleport in reach of the much coveted wizard and his enchanted scroll (the objective of our game).

The view through Hazmat's built in googles, a gift from his chaos God.

Hazmat and his harbingers of doom wasted no time and quick close down the offender Obediah, though taking to casualties to some powerful and vile magic.

KERRANG!!!! Steel meets wood and flesh. Die foolish womenly-dressed puny men! And they did muahaha as their bossman ran hurriedly away with his captive.

Well, I took no more photos sadly, pressed for time and all, but it sure was good fun and we managed to set up, roll dice and take down again within 2 hours, so it's definitely on again soon.

Until next time - have a good one!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The not so Ancient Mariner

I managed to get some painting in yesterday and finished a bloke who's been sitting in my paint queue for some two years.

He's from LAM's Victorian sci-fi range, sculpted by Ratnik, not a particularly great sculpt but oozing of character. I chose a fairly light colour scheme and the painting itself presented no major challenges as although he's fairly detailed it's nothing too fiddly. I'm thinking to go back and add some oil stains and tear on his diving suit.

While painting the base it dawned on me that I've never done copplestones before, ever! Since I have some odd 30+ minis in waiting with copplestone bases I'm open to any pointers, advice, inspiration etc. you can throw at me. I went for a light tone on this one, ending up washing the stones a couple of times and smearing the excess wash with a piece of paper. Might go back and add some pigmentm light grey and perhaps some black, dunno about flock what would suit this style - I imagine it's a dockyard of some kind with the water not too far away (would make sense since he's running about in the most heavy kickass diving suit).

Oh yes, and an overview of my paint area. Havent had the time to get proper sorted since moving in in July but at least I've got the prints framed :DDD

Until next time, have a good one!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Dark Elf Blood Bowl team painted

Ohoi ye Faithful!

Today I finished my DE team, the aptly named Chainflail Cockboilers, well missing the coach and cheerleader but the team is set for varnish. Camera pics as usual and some of the inks come off a tad shiny here before the varnish - I was going for a bleak and somewhat dark feeling resembling a Elf team on the back of one of the BB tomes of my youth. I have a solution in mind for the numbers and colour distinction on the bases.

I hope you like them!!

The Chainflail Cockboilers

The stars of the team - flanked by coach Chainflail

The specialists - from left cheerleader (turn marker), old runner 1 & 2, new runners 1 & 2, stabber bloke and witch elf

Line fodder

More fodder and two journeymen on the left

Details - note the runner wears a watch, time is of the essence :)


Group image of the murderers of the team (w the team thrower no. 13)

Details on the journeymen
Details on the journeymen

Thanks for viewing!!!


Friday, August 8, 2014

Blood Bowl revisited - Dark Elves repainted

 Hello my faithful readers!! ;)

I decided to repaint my Dark Elf team, which I acquired some years ago when I got back into the hobby. Since then my paint style have evolved and more players have joined and I also wanted a more uniform look throughout the team. I'm going for a weathered brass, black clothes, pale blueish skin and metal studs on the black leather. I will be trying out the oxide wash I bought some months back and also tying the bases together with some wash.

Before repaint - the ones to the left are the old paint job w a light flesh airbrushed over their original blue skin.

Before repaint

Before repaint

Before oxide wash

After oxide wash

After oxide wash

After oxide wash
I'm not entirely happy with the result of the wash but I will give a metal highlight on top when I paint the skin tones and details. I also have plans for a decorative motif on the bases for the numbers.

Comments are always welcome!!!

Oh the teams includes blitzers, lineman, runners, assassin and a witch elf + coach Chainflail and the cheerleader turn marker Penny Dreaders.

Thanks for viewing :)