Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Realm of Chaos revisited!

So me and my fellow oldhammerer Lazar of the Young Lead blog had ourselves a quick lunch break game of Realm of Chaos.

We cut the rolling of warbands short and simply choose from whatever was painted and what we felt like fielding. Then we decided both champions were lvl 10 sorcerers and drew 2 spells from all the decks of the 4th ed. Battle Magic set, oddly enough there were no chaos spells (it's a set we borrowed), but hey ho what'd ya know it worked anyhow.

We played using the Rogue Trader reference sheet, the Warhammer Armies book and the RoC books for troops stats and it worked okay. The actual gaming however was tedious - skirmish games have come a long way since the Golden Days so we kinda agreed that if this dream of playing a narrative ever had to come to life, we will have to find a more dynamic system for the game play and perhaps also for creating the warbands/or let a GM decide rather than randomly roll everything single upgrade, item, gift, mutation, etc. - which was fun, but balls out also time consuming if not a real death blow to any gaming night that is set to last 3-5 hours including playing a game :D

Now on to the onslaught!

Hazmat Mutilatore and his band of unmerry men are shocked to see their bitter rival, Obediah Ruffhouse and his bunch of miscreants teleport in reach of the much coveted wizard and his enchanted scroll (the objective of our game).

The view through Hazmat's built in googles, a gift from his chaos God.

Hazmat and his harbingers of doom wasted no time and quick close down the offender Obediah, though taking to casualties to some powerful and vile magic.

KERRANG!!!! Steel meets wood and flesh. Die foolish womenly-dressed puny men! And they did muahaha as their bossman ran hurriedly away with his captive.

Well, I took no more photos sadly, pressed for time and all, but it sure was good fun and we managed to set up, roll dice and take down again within 2 hours, so it's definitely on again soon.

Until next time - have a good one!!!

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