Friday, November 15, 2013

Last night we had ourselves a game of 40k skirmish. Niels brought his Iron Fist space marine, I compiled a list of underhive scum, number 4 vs 13. We used the community made rules set, In the Emperor's Name. The game was fast played, rules never bogged us down and it was a bloody slaughter, precisely as 40k should be!

Underhive scum line up for the slaugther

Canned meat lined up to be slaughtered

Inspecting the meat from a different angle

Former rogue trader gone underhive scum leader, Baetlegoys leads his armed vermin towards the hidden crates

Sniper Dead Sirious Black and bodyguard sneak around in the hills above the battle field

Iron Fists advances in open, confident their armour will provide ample cover

Both sides close in on the crates

Remants of the past occupants of this barren wasteland


First blood! First turn of shooting saw the underhive leader, flying mutant and pit slave go down to the superior fire of the Emperor's finest battle troops

Melee! Despite their best efforts, the Iron Fists did not slaughter any lambs today

Torrent of fire!

The underhive scum positioned well to snipe the marines while their less intelligent mates kept them occupied

Interim leader Pretty Tony leading the pack, laying support fire from an abandoned water plant

Scum hiver Scabs getting away with the mystery crates

Scabs getting caught by bolter fire on his way up hill, moments later the Iron Fist commander fell to the torrent of fire and the hive scum managed to get back to their den with a crate of ... Creme A

Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Rats on the Block

So I've managed to finish the last 3 rats for my ratmen/skaven warband. Picture's a bit crappy but shows the joyful moment when the long lost rat brothers meet on an Ice Death World for the first time since they were seperated as younglings.

Hopefully, this update will see me return to the paint station. Last couple of months have been hectic - got an extension on my job, extension expired and not prolonged, gone freelance and moved hobby workshop also, but the new place holds so much promise in regards of practicing the aspect of this hobby which I love - painting and modelling (still a newb) and casual gaming! 

Thanks for looking - hope to have more for you next time around (and hopefully sooner than 3-4 months)


Friday, July 12, 2013

Recent weeks, I've been painting 28mm fantasy for the future Good vs. Evil battle we in the "gaming" group are dreaming about doing at some point in our lives - it could turn out to become an Oldhammer thing, since we all are former WHFB-gamers.

I picked up a small group of dwarves cheap, thinking the sculpts were quite nice, then finding out they are GW and cost thrice what I paid - which made the haul so much better :)

First came out well I think, took under an hour to paint (ex. basing and priming - did the whole lot 20+ dwarves in one go) and after using this fella to test my clear orange wash I've decided that's the way to go! Quick dirty painting (more blocking out colours), a few quick highlights and a bit of shading, splash on some orange wash and you're good to go :)

In the most intense fight scene with the nasty giant rats, you see the effects of the orange wash.

The wee fellas in the extravagant dreadnought suits are my Grand Warlord retinue for my Epic Squats.

Just finished a fightning chain-wheeling monk yesterday, but he was still drying when I left the workshop (and perhaps ruined because I didn't dilute the clear orange properly). Will post more when I'm back from vacation - BATTLEFIELD BERLIN here I come ;D

Thanks for looking!


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Elric - another future project

Having received another Elric mini for my collection, I found it prudent to take some pictures of my small collection. This is a project that's waiting to be kickstarted by an unknown catalyst (like unemployment - which is not unlikely these days, sadly).

I have the collectors box of course and a smalle groupe of pro- and antagonists. If my rare readers should have in their possession a mini from this series, that I'm missing, please don't hesitate to sell it to me :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hills done!! + basing my old Mordheim warband

Had time to stop by the workshop today and complete the hills I've been working on. Tested out a few techniques and learned that pigment can be quite messy business :)  At one point, I thought I had ruined my terrain but I think I managed to pull the colours back together nicely... I'm still not sure about the flock, but I decided they are done in order to move on to another project ;D

While paint, glue and varnish dried, I had time to base my old Skaven warband for Mordheim. I recently bought some lovely bases from - these are their 20mm round standard bases, and I really like them. I've bought a bunch of different sizes and will use them mainly for my fantasy collection. Also had time to bases some fighter-type humans for my painting queue (which is quite long) :)

Thank you for looking!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

And now to something completely different! As I've decided that the blog will include my other hobby projects :)

I building 9-10 pieces of terrain for Epic Armageddon, which I still enjoy playing.

The hills are ALIVE! The (l)on(e)ly completed TS Marine unit from my future HH TS army is posing for size comparison.

Base coats applied, wash+drybrush+dirt pigments and flock await. These hills are a part of an Ork themed terrain pack I'm working on.

4 Ork structures are currently under construction and I've just had an idea to do "forest" style pieces.


As a small bonus, you get an overview shot of my paint station. I share a workshop with 8 other likeminded grownups. Mostly we chat and drink beer, but sometimes we play the odd game and paint/build stuff :)


Friday, January 25, 2013

So welcome to a rare update!

It's been a while since last, but tonight I had some time to fiddle 'round with some bits. Sadly I don't converte as much as my fellow hobbyists from this forum but less can also be quite fun

My gang is for the challenge on the mentioned forum and although there is little chance I'll get them painted in time, I couldn't resist glueing the stuff together when I felt the inspiration. The result captures the feel of a noble gang quite well I think - a little gs mending is needed but the gang is almost done

The whole gang:

I wnet for bits that felt and looked good. There's some old stuff in there, spot 'em if you can ;) And I'm quite pleased with the way the pistoliers arms work, considering the time gap betweeen the different generations of GW minis represented.

Thanks for looking!