Saturday, April 13, 2013

And now to something completely different! As I've decided that the blog will include my other hobby projects :)

I building 9-10 pieces of terrain for Epic Armageddon, which I still enjoy playing.

The hills are ALIVE! The (l)on(e)ly completed TS Marine unit from my future HH TS army is posing for size comparison.

Base coats applied, wash+drybrush+dirt pigments and flock await. These hills are a part of an Ork themed terrain pack I'm working on.

4 Ork structures are currently under construction and I've just had an idea to do "forest" style pieces.


As a small bonus, you get an overview shot of my paint station. I share a workshop with 8 other likeminded grownups. Mostly we chat and drink beer, but sometimes we play the odd game and paint/build stuff :)


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