Friday, November 15, 2013

Last night we had ourselves a game of 40k skirmish. Niels brought his Iron Fist space marine, I compiled a list of underhive scum, number 4 vs 13. We used the community made rules set, In the Emperor's Name. The game was fast played, rules never bogged us down and it was a bloody slaughter, precisely as 40k should be!

Underhive scum line up for the slaugther

Canned meat lined up to be slaughtered

Inspecting the meat from a different angle

Former rogue trader gone underhive scum leader, Baetlegoys leads his armed vermin towards the hidden crates

Sniper Dead Sirious Black and bodyguard sneak around in the hills above the battle field

Iron Fists advances in open, confident their armour will provide ample cover

Both sides close in on the crates

Remants of the past occupants of this barren wasteland


First blood! First turn of shooting saw the underhive leader, flying mutant and pit slave go down to the superior fire of the Emperor's finest battle troops

Melee! Despite their best efforts, the Iron Fists did not slaughter any lambs today

Torrent of fire!

The underhive scum positioned well to snipe the marines while their less intelligent mates kept them occupied

Interim leader Pretty Tony leading the pack, laying support fire from an abandoned water plant

Scum hiver Scabs getting away with the mystery crates

Scabs getting caught by bolter fire on his way up hill, moments later the Iron Fist commander fell to the torrent of fire and the hive scum managed to get back to their den with a crate of ... Creme A