Friday, January 25, 2013

So welcome to a rare update!

It's been a while since last, but tonight I had some time to fiddle 'round with some bits. Sadly I don't converte as much as my fellow hobbyists from this forum but less can also be quite fun

My gang is for the challenge on the mentioned forum and although there is little chance I'll get them painted in time, I couldn't resist glueing the stuff together when I felt the inspiration. The result captures the feel of a noble gang quite well I think - a little gs mending is needed but the gang is almost done

The whole gang:

I wnet for bits that felt and looked good. There's some old stuff in there, spot 'em if you can ;) And I'm quite pleased with the way the pistoliers arms work, considering the time gap betweeen the different generations of GW minis represented.

Thanks for looking!