Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Oi a paint challenge!!!

So I've in all secrecy accepted this challenge, hoping I can manage to paint 5 of this lot.

All of them will feature in my "It came from the desert" game that I plan to run as a participation game at a convention here in Copenhagen this coming Spring.

For colour inspiration, well Dark Future the board game springs to mind, as do Mad Max, but also comics like Jeremiah by Hermann Huppen and Giraud's Blue Berry - so I will try and go for a dusty and worn look on the bikers etc. and a colder more sleak look on the drivers, police and militia guys.

The train in the back drop is not part of the challenge - at this point.

Until later, have a good one!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Realm of Chaos revisited!

So me and my fellow oldhammerer Lazar of the Young Lead blog had ourselves a quick lunch break game of Realm of Chaos.

We cut the rolling of warbands short and simply choose from whatever was painted and what we felt like fielding. Then we decided both champions were lvl 10 sorcerers and drew 2 spells from all the decks of the 4th ed. Battle Magic set, oddly enough there were no chaos spells (it's a set we borrowed), but hey ho what'd ya know it worked anyhow.

We played using the Rogue Trader reference sheet, the Warhammer Armies book and the RoC books for troops stats and it worked okay. The actual gaming however was tedious - skirmish games have come a long way since the Golden Days so we kinda agreed that if this dream of playing a narrative ever had to come to life, we will have to find a more dynamic system for the game play and perhaps also for creating the warbands/or let a GM decide rather than randomly roll everything single upgrade, item, gift, mutation, etc. - which was fun, but balls out also time consuming if not a real death blow to any gaming night that is set to last 3-5 hours including playing a game :D

Now on to the onslaught!

Hazmat Mutilatore and his band of unmerry men are shocked to see their bitter rival, Obediah Ruffhouse and his bunch of miscreants teleport in reach of the much coveted wizard and his enchanted scroll (the objective of our game).

The view through Hazmat's built in googles, a gift from his chaos God.

Hazmat and his harbingers of doom wasted no time and quick close down the offender Obediah, though taking to casualties to some powerful and vile magic.

KERRANG!!!! Steel meets wood and flesh. Die foolish womenly-dressed puny men! And they did muahaha as their bossman ran hurriedly away with his captive.

Well, I took no more photos sadly, pressed for time and all, but it sure was good fun and we managed to set up, roll dice and take down again within 2 hours, so it's definitely on again soon.

Until next time - have a good one!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The not so Ancient Mariner

I managed to get some painting in yesterday and finished a bloke who's been sitting in my paint queue for some two years.

He's from LAM's Victorian sci-fi range, sculpted by Ratnik, not a particularly great sculpt but oozing of character. I chose a fairly light colour scheme and the painting itself presented no major challenges as although he's fairly detailed it's nothing too fiddly. I'm thinking to go back and add some oil stains and tear on his diving suit.

While painting the base it dawned on me that I've never done copplestones before, ever! Since I have some odd 30+ minis in waiting with copplestone bases I'm open to any pointers, advice, inspiration etc. you can throw at me. I went for a light tone on this one, ending up washing the stones a couple of times and smearing the excess wash with a piece of paper. Might go back and add some pigmentm light grey and perhaps some black, dunno about flock what would suit this style - I imagine it's a dockyard of some kind with the water not too far away (would make sense since he's running about in the most heavy kickass diving suit).

Oh yes, and an overview of my paint area. Havent had the time to get proper sorted since moving in in July but at least I've got the prints framed :DDD

Until next time, have a good one!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Dark Elf Blood Bowl team painted

Ohoi ye Faithful!

Today I finished my DE team, the aptly named Chainflail Cockboilers, well missing the coach and cheerleader but the team is set for varnish. Camera pics as usual and some of the inks come off a tad shiny here before the varnish - I was going for a bleak and somewhat dark feeling resembling a Elf team on the back of one of the BB tomes of my youth. I have a solution in mind for the numbers and colour distinction on the bases.

I hope you like them!!

The Chainflail Cockboilers

The stars of the team - flanked by coach Chainflail

The specialists - from left cheerleader (turn marker), old runner 1 & 2, new runners 1 & 2, stabber bloke and witch elf

Line fodder

More fodder and two journeymen on the left

Details - note the runner wears a watch, time is of the essence :)


Group image of the murderers of the team (w the team thrower no. 13)

Details on the journeymen
Details on the journeymen

Thanks for viewing!!!


Friday, August 8, 2014

Blood Bowl revisited - Dark Elves repainted

 Hello my faithful readers!! ;)

I decided to repaint my Dark Elf team, which I acquired some years ago when I got back into the hobby. Since then my paint style have evolved and more players have joined and I also wanted a more uniform look throughout the team. I'm going for a weathered brass, black clothes, pale blueish skin and metal studs on the black leather. I will be trying out the oxide wash I bought some months back and also tying the bases together with some wash.

Before repaint - the ones to the left are the old paint job w a light flesh airbrushed over their original blue skin.

Before repaint

Before repaint

Before oxide wash

After oxide wash

After oxide wash

After oxide wash
I'm not entirely happy with the result of the wash but I will give a metal highlight on top when I paint the skin tones and details. I also have plans for a decorative motif on the bases for the numbers.

Comments are always welcome!!!

Oh the teams includes blitzers, lineman, runners, assassin and a witch elf + coach Chainflail and the cheerleader turn marker Penny Dreaders.

Thanks for viewing :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pulp Alley - a short review

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a weekend at a small convention called Åcon in the town of Esbjerg. The theme of Åcon is participation games, painting and chatting and barbeque and beers and the weather was perfect - as was our host and all the other old timers (we were 14-16 give or take a few during the weekend).

Saturday morning, we had ourselves a quick game of Pulp Alley, which I thouroughly enjoyed! It was fast and bloody and run by the good Dr. The Viking of LAF fame who was an exemplary GM. My opponent were the also nameworthy Dr. Zombie of LAF who kindly added to the sillyness and good fun with his style of play.

I took a good amount of pics, which are quite self-explaning.

My space cowboy killer robots advance on the enemy lines

I draw an event card that unleash a giant gorilla

The space hero battle line post giant gorilla attack

Pewpewpew die space hero scum!

A single space hero police warrior tries to sneak around the rocky outcrops and flank the robot autonoms

Mount Objective

Topgun Tony and Pistol Pete shows excellent marksmanship and wound a space lieutenant

Space hero Hans Blixt rescues the damsel in distress and throw Lord what's his face off the cliff

Tony and Pete capture the most coveted objective, the Tomacco plant

Seconds before Hans Blixt in his heroic attempt to escape the giant gorilla lands on his face, breaking every single bone in his space hero body. Moments later, the space heroes fled the battle field, carrying their obviously broken leader in a sack
Pulp Alley is in my mind designed for quick skirmishes and offers plenty of random elements, which I find funny. I liked the counter action system where you could either dodge an attack or fire/hit back, making the gameplay more dynamic. Also the fate/event cards added an element of randomness, which addd to the overall gaming experience. Thanks goes out to the two Dr. The Viking and Dr. Zombie for the good fun! We have already planned a RT game with the Pulp Alley rules in our local gaming club - hopefully sometime in the Fall.

Stay tuned me hearties!

Back to Cold Lead Mountain

Summer is over, the lead tank is full again and I'm bustling with paint energy and enthusiasm!!

My latest entry was a quick ramble on the joy of having joind the Oldhammer forum and the rekindled love for old lead miniatuers and recently I've had a game of Realm of Chaos, which have caused me to bring my old thugs back in front row of the paint queue.

Today I had some 30-40 minutes to splash some paint on them, blocking out the hair and fur stuffs - we go bright red, orange, green to add some sparkle to my otherwise drab and muted chaos fellas.

Pre hair dye!

The Chaos paint queue
The plan is to finish the thugs before the end of July and begin painting the warriors. I have traded ferousiously during the Summer, so there's more to come as I get stuff stripped, based and primed!

Stay tuned! :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oi wat's dis den?

Today I decided to revive my old lead blog. I have felt a joy rekindled lately for this old lead hobby and think now that I will try to blog again (not that I've been the most active blogger before).

I have no photos for you tonite gentlemen, but before I bid you adieu I'll tease a little with what's to come.

Current projects (text lists, always a hoot!):

  • Good vs. Evil wargaming - ongoing fantasy project morphed into a Realm of Chaos revival
  • It came from the desert - 20mm apocalypse game with cars and motor bikes
  • Repainting my Dark Elf BB team - currently playing in the Roguebowl league at the local club
  • and 4-5 other ongoing projects
Also, I spend my hobby time completing collections of old lead, having recently completed my collection of old Citadel Goodwin Ogres and also his Khorne Chaos Champions. I'm also very close to a complete 2nd ed. 40k Ork collection, missing mostly gretchins and such.

Good night!

Post Scriptum

A wee pic for you merry lead heads :)

My ashwasting scavvies, well some of them - can you spot any Oldhammer bits?