Friday, August 8, 2014

Blood Bowl revisited - Dark Elves repainted

 Hello my faithful readers!! ;)

I decided to repaint my Dark Elf team, which I acquired some years ago when I got back into the hobby. Since then my paint style have evolved and more players have joined and I also wanted a more uniform look throughout the team. I'm going for a weathered brass, black clothes, pale blueish skin and metal studs on the black leather. I will be trying out the oxide wash I bought some months back and also tying the bases together with some wash.

Before repaint - the ones to the left are the old paint job w a light flesh airbrushed over their original blue skin.

Before repaint

Before repaint

Before oxide wash

After oxide wash

After oxide wash

After oxide wash
I'm not entirely happy with the result of the wash but I will give a metal highlight on top when I paint the skin tones and details. I also have plans for a decorative motif on the bases for the numbers.

Comments are always welcome!!!

Oh the teams includes blitzers, lineman, runners, assassin and a witch elf + coach Chainflail and the cheerleader turn marker Penny Dreaders.

Thanks for viewing :)

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