Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pulp Alley - a short review

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a weekend at a small convention called Åcon in the town of Esbjerg. The theme of Åcon is participation games, painting and chatting and barbeque and beers and the weather was perfect - as was our host and all the other old timers (we were 14-16 give or take a few during the weekend).

Saturday morning, we had ourselves a quick game of Pulp Alley, which I thouroughly enjoyed! It was fast and bloody and run by the good Dr. The Viking of LAF fame who was an exemplary GM. My opponent were the also nameworthy Dr. Zombie of LAF who kindly added to the sillyness and good fun with his style of play.

I took a good amount of pics, which are quite self-explaning.

My space cowboy killer robots advance on the enemy lines

I draw an event card that unleash a giant gorilla

The space hero battle line post giant gorilla attack

Pewpewpew die space hero scum!

A single space hero police warrior tries to sneak around the rocky outcrops and flank the robot autonoms

Mount Objective

Topgun Tony and Pistol Pete shows excellent marksmanship and wound a space lieutenant

Space hero Hans Blixt rescues the damsel in distress and throw Lord what's his face off the cliff

Tony and Pete capture the most coveted objective, the Tomacco plant

Seconds before Hans Blixt in his heroic attempt to escape the giant gorilla lands on his face, breaking every single bone in his space hero body. Moments later, the space heroes fled the battle field, carrying their obviously broken leader in a sack
Pulp Alley is in my mind designed for quick skirmishes and offers plenty of random elements, which I find funny. I liked the counter action system where you could either dodge an attack or fire/hit back, making the gameplay more dynamic. Also the fate/event cards added an element of randomness, which addd to the overall gaming experience. Thanks goes out to the two Dr. The Viking and Dr. Zombie for the good fun! We have already planned a RT game with the Pulp Alley rules in our local gaming club - hopefully sometime in the Fall.

Stay tuned me hearties!

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