Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back to Cold Lead Mountain

Summer is over, the lead tank is full again and I'm bustling with paint energy and enthusiasm!!

My latest entry was a quick ramble on the joy of having joind the Oldhammer forum and the rekindled love for old lead miniatuers and recently I've had a game of Realm of Chaos, which have caused me to bring my old thugs back in front row of the paint queue.

Today I had some 30-40 minutes to splash some paint on them, blocking out the hair and fur stuffs - we go bright red, orange, green to add some sparkle to my otherwise drab and muted chaos fellas.

Pre hair dye!

The Chaos paint queue
The plan is to finish the thugs before the end of July and begin painting the warriors. I have traded ferousiously during the Summer, so there's more to come as I get stuff stripped, based and primed!

Stay tuned! :)

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