Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The not so Ancient Mariner

I managed to get some painting in yesterday and finished a bloke who's been sitting in my paint queue for some two years.

He's from LAM's Victorian sci-fi range, sculpted by Ratnik, not a particularly great sculpt but oozing of character. I chose a fairly light colour scheme and the painting itself presented no major challenges as although he's fairly detailed it's nothing too fiddly. I'm thinking to go back and add some oil stains and tear on his diving suit.

While painting the base it dawned on me that I've never done copplestones before, ever! Since I have some odd 30+ minis in waiting with copplestone bases I'm open to any pointers, advice, inspiration etc. you can throw at me. I went for a light tone on this one, ending up washing the stones a couple of times and smearing the excess wash with a piece of paper. Might go back and add some pigmentm light grey and perhaps some black, dunno about flock what would suit this style - I imagine it's a dockyard of some kind with the water not too far away (would make sense since he's running about in the most heavy kickass diving suit).

Oh yes, and an overview of my paint area. Havent had the time to get proper sorted since moving in in July but at least I've got the prints framed :DDD

Until next time, have a good one!!