Friday, July 12, 2013

Recent weeks, I've been painting 28mm fantasy for the future Good vs. Evil battle we in the "gaming" group are dreaming about doing at some point in our lives - it could turn out to become an Oldhammer thing, since we all are former WHFB-gamers.

I picked up a small group of dwarves cheap, thinking the sculpts were quite nice, then finding out they are GW and cost thrice what I paid - which made the haul so much better :)

First came out well I think, took under an hour to paint (ex. basing and priming - did the whole lot 20+ dwarves in one go) and after using this fella to test my clear orange wash I've decided that's the way to go! Quick dirty painting (more blocking out colours), a few quick highlights and a bit of shading, splash on some orange wash and you're good to go :)

In the most intense fight scene with the nasty giant rats, you see the effects of the orange wash.

The wee fellas in the extravagant dreadnought suits are my Grand Warlord retinue for my Epic Squats.

Just finished a fightning chain-wheeling monk yesterday, but he was still drying when I left the workshop (and perhaps ruined because I didn't dilute the clear orange properly). Will post more when I'm back from vacation - BATTLEFIELD BERLIN here I come ;D

Thanks for looking!