Friday, September 19, 2014

Dark Elf Blood Bowl team painted

Ohoi ye Faithful!

Today I finished my DE team, the aptly named Chainflail Cockboilers, well missing the coach and cheerleader but the team is set for varnish. Camera pics as usual and some of the inks come off a tad shiny here before the varnish - I was going for a bleak and somewhat dark feeling resembling a Elf team on the back of one of the BB tomes of my youth. I have a solution in mind for the numbers and colour distinction on the bases.

I hope you like them!!

The Chainflail Cockboilers

The stars of the team - flanked by coach Chainflail

The specialists - from left cheerleader (turn marker), old runner 1 & 2, new runners 1 & 2, stabber bloke and witch elf

Line fodder

More fodder and two journeymen on the left

Details - note the runner wears a watch, time is of the essence :)


Group image of the murderers of the team (w the team thrower no. 13)

Details on the journeymen
Details on the journeymen

Thanks for viewing!!!


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