Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Rats on the Block

So I've managed to finish the last 3 rats for my ratmen/skaven warband. Picture's a bit crappy but shows the joyful moment when the long lost rat brothers meet on an Ice Death World for the first time since they were seperated as younglings.

Hopefully, this update will see me return to the paint station. Last couple of months have been hectic - got an extension on my job, extension expired and not prolonged, gone freelance and moved hobby workshop also, but the new place holds so much promise in regards of practicing the aspect of this hobby which I love - painting and modelling (still a newb) and casual gaming! 

Thanks for looking - hope to have more for you next time around (and hopefully sooner than 3-4 months)



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    1. Many thanks Alexander! I have 4 ratmen almost finished and the rest of the warband based, primed, basecoated just waiting for shading/highlights and details. So progress is faster than usual :)

      Obviusly, I've recently decided to collect Malifaux also, but promised myself not to begin painting until these ratmen are done ;)


  2. Love the colors on the rats. I have been trying to get that look on my rats. Any tips or color combos you used.

    1. Thanks! If memory serves me right, it's different combos of grey and brown with washes. I've painted them in 2x sets of 3 from a black base, one set then drybrushed GW Bestial Brown, GW Codex Grey and finally a mix of Codex Grey and GW Bleached Bone for the final highlight. Then washed with Black in the deeper shades, Brown and a Reddish Brown (perhaps GW Ogryn Flesh. The tail is a cold brown, perhaps P3 Bootstrap Leather with P3 Jack Bone for highlights and brown and purple wash to tone it down again. The set was more straight forward Black basecoat, perhaps a Dark Sea Grey, then Codex Grey and finally either Jack or Bleached Bone, can't remember. Here the wash was straight brown, GW Devlan Mud and the tail a lighter Khaki or Sand with Jack Bone highlight and again brown with a hint of purple for toning. That's the best I can do from memory, but try out different shades of grey and brown and mix away. These rats are very greyish, but in Nature you get black, brown, perhaps almost oily bluish blacks etc. And if the highlights come out to strong, I always give them a couple of shades of wash, something a mix till I get a tone I like. Cheers, Thomas