Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Starchild Prophecy

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away in a hive city called Proximo Prime, an olde childrens tale long forgotten saw light again. The elders, older than the pipes in the inner hives, told stories of a prodigy child. A child sent from the stars to conquer the hearts and minds of man. The Starchild.

The stories went mouth to mouth into the city, up the spires and at last reaching the very top of the ruling classes and the Imperial Administratum. The stories of the Starchild started a stir in the city, among the commoners and the low lifes, even among the outlaws. The Starchild was to be found in Proximo, the stories told, and the Starchild would overthrow the Guvernor and eventually the Emperor of Mankind, thus the stories were told and so people believed them to be true...

Soon the city was deemed a place of Heresy, and the stories attracted attention from wide and far. The attention of the Imperial Inquisition, of opportunity seeking Rogue Traders and Pirate Kings, of Outlaw Fortune Hunters, of the Daemon Hunters also. The prophecy of the Starchild might not be true, it didn't have to be, 'cause it had sparked light in the very inner forces of man, in love, in hate, in hopes of glory and wealth, in death and despair. This will be the story of the fall of Proximo - the prophecy of the Starchild!


  1. Really like where this is going , a future project is a star childe rogue trader esc group.. a very interesting and not often seen aspect of 40k ..

    nice back picture btw Rolf Mohr classic.

  2. btw you might want to consider getting rid of the sign in to post security stuff , i know it puts me off commenting on many blogs ;-)

  3. Thx Neil, yeah we trying to create a narrative from the old Realm of Chaos books and adapt it to our style of play, more sort of a roleplay based gameplay rather than mission style games.

    And I'll look into the sign in thing, am rather new to Blogger, so a lot of it is trial and error :)