Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just finished this guy, apologies for the phone pic. I used a quick and dirty method with a lot of wash, ink and sponge effect. This will more or less be the tabletop standard of my I-munda crew, but it works the real life :)

Couldn't resist giving the little fella on the pole a Beetlejuice suit...

Hope to get more done soon as talks of finally making that gaming table are picking up, alas I'm going to Italy for the remainder of the month, but August is starting to show promise for our Munda-dreams!

I have been productive though, painting some oop gretchins and some fantasy stuff. Guess I'll have to post it although it has no relevance to the main subject? :D

Hope my horde o' readers likes what they see haha



  1. Well I am no hoard but I like it ;-)

    love the pole and the mini and the paint job.

    anymore work on starchilde?

  2. Thanks for the comment Neil!

    Starchilde is not dead, just in a deep slumber. But my dear friend Sonny just revived the whole idea last week, when he and two others friends got together two weekends ago and scratchbuilt a I-munda warband each. Knowing them to be as big slackers as me, we probably won't get to play until after Christmas, but at least my excuse is started a new job in August ::)

    But Sonny started a contest on a Danish forum, encouraging people to built I-munda warband, and his Skulldred contest this Summer resulted in a Skulldred gathering at the Horisont gaming convention in Danish town Esbjerg next month, so hopefully this contest will be able to do something similar :)

    I for one have more hobby time from now until Spring, so I'll try and update more often, also with my vsf, fantasy end epic armageddon stuff (am currently building or have built actually a skirmish table 4x4 for skulldred etc.)

    And I'll have to check out your blog too, loved the imperial guard snow suit thing and the skimmer bike and ash waste trader was superb!


  3. This is the forum post of the forementioned contest

  4. Wow the comp looks fantastic , such talent. The custom tau stuff is such a cool idea , i have been thinking along similar lies for a while , great to see stuff like that become real. Tell your friend its inspiring stuff , thanks for the link ;-)

    congrats on the new job , i look forward to seeing some progress on your many projects..
    regards Neil